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In today’s world we are obsessed with social media and the interconnectivity it provides us. The site administrators of (short for are you interested?)have done a great job of capitalizing on this popularity of social media and using it as a platform for their online dating site. What makes this site unique in the online dating world is its strong integration with the Facebook platform. They’ve recognized that combining online dating with our love for social media can create a fun and social experience that takes the pressure out of dating. It appears they’ve been quite successful as this is a site that only started offering online dating services in 2013 and it now boasts over 1 million page views per month.

Why has this site become so popular in such a short period of time? Again, it has capitalized on the social media phenomenon, but it also boasts as many as 17 million installed users – they’ve simply become a social media and Internet sensation. Probably the main reason for this popularity is a friendly familiar environment they provide you with and the simple but effective tools the site offers.

What Makes AYI One of the Best Choices in the Online Dating World?
There is no better key to success in the online dating world than popularity. The fact this site has over 1 million visitors per month indicates that people are actually using the site and you have a great chance of meeting someone special. It doesn’t hurt that they have one of the most user friendly interfaces around. There’s no extra clutter on the site, it simply provide you with a straightforward easy-to-use service that has zero learning curve.

I particularly enjoyed their approach to matchmaking. You don’t have to even type anything in a search this work is done for you – all you have to do is enter some basic criteria such as: the age group of the matches you are looking for, the distance you’re willing to travel to meet them, and the ethnicity of your preferred match if any. After that they simply provide you with potential matches one by one and you can either click yes to acknowledge your interest, or skip to move onto the next one. They really made the search process as simple as possible here.

Another cool feature they offer is something they call “ice breaker”, this is a series of recommended questions you can ask a potential match in order to break the ice – for those of us that don’t find conversation comes easily this can be a great tool.

Website Design
As we’ve alluded to a couple of times above this dating site has a very social media type feel to it. In fact its color scheme is even similar to Facebook’s – they really have attempted to make us as comfortable as possible. Navigating around the site is simple with four tabs to choose from in the top right corner, including: browse, connections, mail, and your profile. That’s about all there is to the site, but one other important thing to mention is that it makes really great use of white space that provides a comforting environment.

Accessibility in keeping with its dedication to a social media style environment also allows its users to access their service in three different ways: via their website, via their IOS app, or via their Android app. It’s become pretty standard these days for the best dating services to offer mobile apps in order to make access to their platform easier in this one doesn’t disappoint. Let’s face it, these days were pretty much always on the go and we want to have the ability to quickly access online dating options on the go.

This site makes the initial registration process as simple as possible – you can either sign up using your existing Facebook account which is highly recommended, or sign up using an email address and creating your own username. Even if you choose the latter option the whole process only takes a few seconds. When you’re signing up by email they just ask you a couple of quick questions such as what your gender is and what your date of birth is. After that can get started using the site right away. From time to time they will prompt you for some more information about yourself to improve your profile, but this is after you’ve completed the registration process which makes it a little less intrusive.

Safety and Privacy
The great thing about’s privacy policy is that they make it easy to understand and access. When you click on their privacy page the first thing you’ll notice is a simple quick summary of some of the major points in the privacy policy, followed by the full policy. Most dating sites do not provide this type of user-friendly experience on a privacy page; instead they bore you to death with a long-winded legal statement so this is deftly refreshing.

As far as safety is concerned they do have a comprehensive safety tips page which explains to you some of the major things you should avoid getting involved in online dating. This is a well laid out page that explains to you some of the things they do to protect your online safety – for example, they have a reporting process to report any abuse by other members and even have a special button you can click to quickly report potentially abusive behavior.

Customer Service has both a FAQ page and a help page – chances are you’ll find most of the answers you may have about the service here, but if you don’t there’s also a quick search bar in which you can type any question you may have, or you can contact them directly by email. The help page is very well laid out, in different sections to make accessing information simple and quick.

Editors Verdict may be one of the new arrivals in the online dating service world, but they made up a lot of ground very quickly by offering their clients strong and familiar social media environment, as well as access to a huge database of users. After all, the biggest factor in any successful dating site is the extent of its user base – no matter how nice a site looks it isn’t much good to you if nobody uses it.

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