How Online Dating Has Changed Our Relationships and Daily Lives

changes of datingNot everyone is convinced that the growth of online dating has been a positive thing. These people typically argue it’s made dating less personal and that it has simply taken all the fun out of the experience. However, anyone who’s actually tried a dating site knows how wrong these type of statements are. If anything, an online dating site actually allows you to be much more personal than you can be if you meet someone at 3 AM in a bar. These sites typically ask a lot of personal questions that allow other members to get a good glimpse into your personality before they decide if they want to communicate with you and eventually meet you.

You Can Avoid Wasting Your Time
One of the biggest problems with the traditional dating methods that your parents and grandparents used was that the process could be a real hit and miss event. It was almost always based upon physical attraction and very little else at first. This can work, but there are very few guarantees – I’m sure we’ve all looked at someone and thought how attractive they were only to be extremely disappointed when they opened there mouths.
Using an online dating site you can quickly browse through member profiles and read a little bit about them in order to decide if that’s the type of person you really want to meet. Most of these profiles also include pictures so you can decide if you’re physically attracted to them. It’s a much more productive process.

Online Dating Can Save You Money
You might be thinking we’ve lost our minds – most online dating sites do not offer completely free services, but instead ask you to sign up on a monthly or yearly subscription. While it’s true these sites may cost you a little bit of money, they are still a much cheaper option than going on a date with someone you met at the bar the night before only to find out you have nothing in common and you just spent $100 on dinner.

You Can Avoid Any Misunderstandings
Every adult carries a little baggage with them – this isn’t necessarily a bad thing it just means that we’ve lived our lives. There are people who love to have kids, people who don’t want anything to do with kids, and people who are just happy with the kids they already have. Some people love pets, and other people have nasty allergies that prevent them from being able to love pets. Whatever your own personal preferences are to kids and pets, you can bet there are a lot of people that share your interests – it’s just not possible to know this in advance if you meet someone in a public place such as a bar or coffee shop.

The great thing about an online dating site is that you can provide all these important details about your life in your membership profile so that anyone that’s considering meeting up with you knows well in advance what type of baggage you bring to the table. In the good old days of dating we often didn’t find out about these types of things until the third or fourth date – which could lead to a little animosity and a quick break up.

While online dating may not be for everybody it’s become a permanent part of our lives. As much as 5% of the population is married to someone they met online. If you prefer to stick to the old fashion dating methods it’s perfectly okay, but for the rest of us online dating is a great alternative which can avoid a lot of misunderstandings and animosity.

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