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If you’re not familiar with the dating site chances are you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years – this site is simply one of the most popular on the web. In fact the Boston Globe went as far as to call it “the Google of online dating”– that’s a pretty strong statement. If you’re wondering if there’s any merit to the statement there is, is one of the top 500 ranked websites in the world and boasts over 30 million page views per month – those are some pretty impressive statistics.

The reason for this sites popularity simple, it’s entirely user focused. They have a great matching algorithm which allows them to provide you with matches based on questions that you’ve been asked and they actually tell you how close of a match that person is in percentage terms. The other great reason for this sites popularity is that it’s free – you don’t have to pay a subscription to be of communicate with other members. There is a paid membership, but this simply provides you with some extra tools and allows you to move to the top of searches.

What Makes OKCupid One the Best Choices in the Online Dating World? is popular because of its user friendly nature as we’ve mentioned above, which is achieved through giving you as many options as possible to make your dating journey as easy as possible. It only takes a couple minutes to sign up and they believe in leaving the choice up to you as to how many questions you want to answer about yourself.

The other reason this is a great choice for an online dating site simply because of its huge database – popularity really does breeds success and you can be sure that if they have 30 million page views per month people are really paying attention to the site. As you’re probably aware word of mouth can go a long way and is definitely part of everyday conversation for a lot of people. has all of the standard features you’ll find another major dating sites such as the ability to interact via email with other members as well as instant chat, you can favorite other members, and you can participate in various group activities as well. However, also has some very unique features that you don’t find in other sites such as, the ability to hide the profiles of members you’re not interested in so they don’t continuously appear in your search requests – this can save you a lot of wasted time.

Website Design
This is a site that has its act together – they are constantly asking you questions and using information you provide to improve the user experience. Each page features a well laid out clutter free environment and member profile snapshots feature prominent high-quality pictures that make it much easier to see what potential matches look like. Member profiles are also full of great information in an easy to read format that makes using this site a pleasure. They also make communicating with a potential match simple with a built-in message button that’s in the top right corner of any profile you access – it’s simple and painless.

Another thing that has made so popular is its focus on mobile technologies. It doesn’t matter with you’re an iPhone user or an Android user – they have apps for both of these popular mobile platforms. You can also access the service via more traditional website on your laptop if you prefer. is all about giving the user as many options as possible.

The sign-up process for is simple and straightforward – it takes all of a couple of minutes to get you set up to use the service. They ask you a couple of basic questions about your age and sexual preference in them they ask you 10 basic psychological questions in a sort of card formats in order to get an idea about your personality. They then use this simple psychological test to provide you with the best match as possible in your local area.

Safety and Privacy
There are a couple of strong safety features built into the system. They do have the standard safety tips page that you can visit for advice, but they also allow you to remain completely anonymous until you’re ready to make your information known to other users. If you subscribe to a premium membership you can even change your username once a month to give you that added level of anonymity.

If you feel another member is being abusive, you have the ability to block them yourself so they can’t interact with you and you can also report them to the sites administrators and potentially have them barred from the site. As with any online service there will always be risks, but they do everything possible to minimize those risks for you.

Customer Service
This entire site is all about customer service – you can communicate with a member of’s staff at any time via instant messaging, or you can contact them by email. The responses to any questions are usually quite comprehensive and you can expect them to get back to you very quickly – normally within 24 hours.

Editors Verdict
There is a very good reason why is one of the most popular online dating services in the world – it offers free, user-friendly access to one of the largest databases of potential matches anywhere and it does it in a user-friendly and environment. The layout is a great social media feel to it that makes you feel right at home.

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